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DVD/Tape Reviews

FMW King of the Death Match

JCW Volume 3

King Kong Bundy: The Missing Matches

Before They Were Famous

FMW Ring of Torture

Andre The Giant

IndieMania~! (3PW, ROH, UPW, FMW)

Pro Wrestling's Ultimate Insiders Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara

Road Warriors

Compilation Tape EXTRAVANGZA!!!

Foley is Great: The Definitive Guide to Mick Foley on DVD

The Eddie Guerrero Story


TNA Best of the Bloodiest Brawls Vol. 1


(Relatively) New on DVD

more coming soon...

These are the DVD's and tapes I have currently in my collection. Happy to review any of 'em, you guys just have to let me know....
Andre The Giant - The Missing Matches
Backlash 2001
Before They Were Famous (SMW)
Best of Cactus Jack (ECW)
Best of Confidential
Best of Raw Is War (Volume 1 & 2)
Bloodbath: The Greatest Steel Cage Matches Ever
Capitol Combat
Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddy Guerrero Story
ECW CyberSlam
ECW Path of Destruction
FMW King of the Death Match
FMW Yokohama Deathmatch
FMW Ring of Torture
From The Vault Shawn Michaels
Fully Loaded 1998
Fully Loaded 1999
Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story
Hardy Boyz: Leap of Faith
In Your House 1
Juggalo Championshit Wrestling Volume One
Juggalo Championshit Wrestling Volume Two
Juggalo Championshit Wrestling Volume Three
The Jesse Ventura Story
Jesse The Body Ventura
King Of The Ring 1998
King Kong Bundy - The Missing Matches
The Main Event 1989
The Main Event 1990
Mick Foley's Greatest Hits & Misses
Mick Foley Hard Knocks & Cheap Pops
nWo Back in Black
Night Of The Legends (SMW)
No Mercy 2001
Over The Edge 1998
Randy Savage - The Missing Matches
Raw X
Rebellion 2001
Rey Mysterio 619
Royal Rumble 1993
Royal Rumble 1995
Royal Rumble 2001
Royal Rumble 2002
Saturday Night's Main Event (Ultimate Warrior Vs Haku)
Saturday Night's Main Event  (LOD & Ultimate Warrior Vs Demolition)
The Stone Cold Truth
SummerSlam 1992
SummerSlam 1998
SummerSlam 1999
SummerSlam 2000
Survivor Series 1994
This is Ultimate Wrestling
This is Ultimate Wrestling (Cactus Jack - No Holds Barred)
This is Ultimate Wrestling  (Steve Austin - Master of Mayhem)
This is Ultimate Wrestling  (Jeff Jarrett - In Your Face)
Triple H The Game
The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection
Uncensored 1999
Unforgiven 1998
The Unreal Story of Professional Wrestling (A&E)
The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection
UWF The Lumberjack Match
Vengeance 2001
War Games
WrestleMania X
WrestleMania XI
WrestleMania XV
WrestleMania 2000
WrestleMania X-7
WrestleMania X-8
WrestleMania 19
Wrestling Gold: Busted Open!
Wrestling With Shadows

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